Born in 2009 from the ambitious idea of ​​its founder Carlo Del Pietro to create a competitive and alternative company to other companies operating in the plant engineering sector, it is immediately able, given its strong knowledge of the sector, to cope with all the most important " Large "in the industry.
Just a year after its birth, numerous requests followed for the construction of energy plants from renewable sources, and more generally of industrial plant engineering, activities integrated over time with the complete and direct management not only of construction but also of all activities. related bureaucracy. to it, managing today to offer a complete turnkey product.
The relationship established with banks and credit institutions is proof of reliability and competence.
This is a very important detail also for the purpose of granting any financing for its customers, a key both to enrich the range of investment forms that can be proposed, and to ensure the installation of the best products on the market.
Thanks to the professionalism of its employees, numerous external collaborations as well as numerous partnerships concluded, it is able to boast numerous achievements, each of which is widely referenced.
A company that establishes itself in the national market and that faces the international market with increasing insistence, with great simplicity, concreteness and innovation.
A rapidly expanding reality that looks to the future without losing sight of its roots.

Enpower S.r.l is a company that operates in the energy sector, placing itself on the market as a Contractor in the construction and management of Technological Plants. Through a series of collaborations and partnerships, Enpower S.r.l. is able to perform all the tasks listed below, which distinguish the realization of a cutting-edge plant design:

  • Economic technical analysis and design of technological systems;
  • Management of relations with the bodies in charge in order to obtain authorizations for the construction of the work;
  • Analysis, study, access to credit and project implementation;
  • Construction of technological systems;
  • Testing of all kinds of plants;
  • Plant maintenance;
  • Management and enhancement of power generation parks and their accessory systems;
  • Practices for the purpose of obtaining the recognition of incentives or economic prizes;

Energy Audits. Enpower S.r.l. it is also SSE recognized.
The experience gained over the years, in the integration of engineering and economics, make Enpower S.r.l. is able to propose, after an in-depth energy analysis of the site, the best strategies and solutions for energy saving, integrating it with distributed energy production systems. Today the company's competitiveness is measured in the ability to offer quality products in all energy fields, including construction, civil and industrial, always and in any case inspired by the same eco-sustainable principles, the cornerstone of all Enpower's activities.


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At Enpower the philosophy of service is a cornerstone of our daily work, to advise the customer in the choices, support him in the financial part of a project and in that authorization, designing systems with high added value and ensuring all the essential services for a management without no surprises and no problems.  The construction of plants with "added value" for the benefit of the final customer and the environment. Added value that Enpower identifies in its construction capacity and in the use of the best technologies,


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