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To complete the services offered, Enpower is also able to provide Assistance, Ordinary and Extraordinary Maintenance both for its own installations and for those performed by third-party companies.
The consolidated experience in all the activities carried out has facilitated us in developing a system for the management of Technical Assistance and Maintenance (ATM) headed by an organization made up of supervisors and technicians specially trained and ready to intervene, H24 365 days a year.
Of fundamental importance is the training of employees, whose selection and insertion in the various fields plays a primary role.
To this end, they have obtained the qualification of Expert Person (PES) in accordance with CEI 11-27 with the ability to perform work on electrical systems with voltage up to 1000V.
Our company has always invested in the training of technicians which for us is the key to ensuring our customers a high quality professional service.
is able to propose different types of "Operation and Maintenance" (O&M) contracts and based on the specific application since the sectors in which we are able to operate are innumerable: Electrical, Intrusion, Fire and Video Surveillance, Public Lighting, Thermal Power Plants , Production Lines, Numerical Control Machines, Thermal and Electric Energy Generation Plants such as Solar Photovoltaic, Wind, Biomass and Biogas, Co-Trigeneration etc.
Thanks to the professionalism and competence of specialized personnel and experience in the field, guarantees an impeccable service at every stage, from design to installation, from financial support to find the most advantageous form of investment to the development of the entire bureaucratic process.
The systems and systems proposed use the most modern and innovative technologies to guarantee customers a high quality standard, high energy efficiency and, above all, a long life.
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At Enpower the philosophy of service is a cornerstone of our daily work, to advise the customer in the choices, support him in the financial part of a project and in that authorization, designing systems with high added value and ensuring all the essential services for a management without no surprises and no problems.  The construction of plants with "added value" for the benefit of the final customer and the environment. Added value that Enpower identifies in its construction capacity and in the use of the best technologies,


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